Fret no more over ICD-10!

dont worry

What scares you most about ICD-10? Is it the countless codes you will have to learn, the lack of success the Canadian Healthcare system suffered during the implementation of ICD-10, or the potential productivity losses? What you are right about is the

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The Latest Buzz: CoHSTAR!

Therapy students luck out!

  The advancement of the Center on Health Services Training and Research (CoHSTAR) is fast becoming a savior for physical therapy health services. In recent years, CoHSTAR has been receiving sufficient funding and support from prestige educational institutions and associations.

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ICD-10: Time is running out!

ICD-10- time is running out

As we quickly approach the halfway point for July, the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is showing huge signs of encouragement with their handling of ICD-10 claim submission testing. The improvements in the acceptance of claim files

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ICD-10 – Let’s go already!

CMS and AMA finally getting it together. for ICD-10

As we approach the October “deadline”, many of us have been wondering wither it will actually happen this time, will the US finally adopt ICD-10 as standard procedure??! There has been signs and messages that perhaps this time it’s really

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Physical Therapy in the new age!

iphone hell

Oftentimes cell phones are considered a distraction at the workplace. The mere presence of your cell phone next to your computer at work stirs an urge to forget all responsibilities and instead spend time on apps such as twitter, instagram,

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