Building Your Therapy Practice Around the Right EMR Software Integration

Every physical therapy practice needs the ability to manage their business and processes around a high-quality EMR software that connects and integrates in every aspect of the way. Inefficient processes that disconnect and disrupt the way that you...

Physical Therapy Patient Communication Trends That You Could Be Missing Out On

As a physical therapy owner, every chance to communicate with patients and elevate the way that they interact with your practice is highly important and has the ability to provide the best experience possible, but what if you’re missing out on...

Combating EMR software expenses while business is down

Staff layoffs. Appointment cancellations. Closed therapy locations. New patient downturn. All of these are factors that your physical therapy practice may have been facing due to the recent economic challenges over the past few months. Many physical...

Where did my physical therapy patients go and how can I reactivate them?

Oh no. Your patients and appointments have been declining and you’ve been dealing with less customers and sessions leading to lower profits and growth when it comes to your therapy practice. It’s time that you stopped compromising this current trend...

How a Patient Portal Can Benefit Your Physical Therapy Practice

Building A Successful Physical Therapy Marketing Plan

Combating Physical Therapy Challenges During A Recession

Avoiding Physical Therapy Patient Frustrations with A Patient Portal

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